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Dyno Software Update v3.2.2 (Latest) - 03.05.2018

Information Version: 3.2.2 Release Date: 03.5.2018 Firmware Compatibility: v1.6 ------------------------- What is New? - 100D Steel Flywheel Support - Voltage and Current Sensor Library - Minor Bugs Fixed. ------------------------- How to Install? - Uninstall old versions of miniPRO. - Install new version 3.2.2 ------------------------- Where to Download? Click HERE ( to downlo...

Dyno Software Update v3.2 - 11.08.2017


Version: 3.2

Release Date: 11.08.2017

Firmware Compatibility: v1.5

What is New?

  • Supports Low Resolution Screens
  • No need to Active the ESC/Throttle for every new Auto test
  • Automatically Connects to your dyno (No more Dyno Port Selection)
  • New Timer shows when the auto test will finish
  • The graph shows the units
  • An option to continue plotting after the Auto Run finishes
  • Test overwrite warning
  • Reduce the Torque and Power digits 
  • Minor Bugs Fixes

Please note that you must uninstall the software before installing this application.

Where to Download?

Click here to download.

Dyno Software & Firmware Update - 7.24.2017

Information Version: 3.1 Release Date: 07.25.2017 Firmware Compatibility: v1.5. ------------------------- What is New? * New Chassis Dyno Settings - Yes....the chassis dyno is now in-stock! * New MPH/KPH Option for Chassis Dyno. * New IR Temperature Sensor Support. - New sensor coming this August! * New Current Sensors Library. - More sensors are coming this August! * New Factory Reset Option. * New Voltage Adjustment setting to increase accuracy in your voltage readings. ...